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Art that knows no boundaries. For we all are born with none. Our Imagination and Determination creates Exceptional Beauty and Innovations. Embrace and Live the “Exceptional” spirit.




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About Me

I'm a Dreamer and a thinker who loves to get things done.
A fifth generation Jeweler and a designer learnt with experience who 'Never Ever Gives Up' since his childhood days.

As an agent of change I continuously question the status quo.

One who loves to Breathe Life into everything I caress.

Who dares to make you Stand Apart as my work.

Brings you the joy of being "Out of this World" as the one I'm determined to create while visualizing my creations. 

Makes you ever confident because every creation you adore is One-of-a-Kind and lights years ahead of others. And you Grab Eyeballs without worrying about being Xeroxed.

You'll add to your heirloom and your taste buds will enthuse your mates and generation next, forever.
You'll be fascinated with Unadulterated Exclusivity unlike High Brands. With designs that drop down from pure human imagination without looking like second copies of nature. 
You get complimented with Work of Art which is as vivid and daring as you. Art that breathes life into nature's rare and beautiful gifts by using rarely used colors of diamonds and doesn't stagnate to its colorless siblings. An open minded approach that very few dare to follow.

The World of Jewelry is slow to change and hasn't made strides big enough as in other creative fields. Much of the Jewelry world still loiters around rather than evolving and is still envious of the yesteryear era.

Brands that had led from the front in innovative designs, techniques and finishes in the past now play safe. They milch their cash cow designs and techniques by revolving and limiting their brand identity around them. 

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Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh,
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